Support Christian Education

We couldn’t provide Christian education without you! Your support of our fundraising efforts, your charitable contributions, and your willingness to volunteer at our school helps make Trinity Lutheran School a great place for children to grow both intellectually and spiritually. 

Thank you for getting involved and for helping us keep our tuition as low as possible.

Ways To Get Involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved and support Christian education.

Direct Donations
We appreciate your support of and contributions to our scholarship fund. Every dollar you give helps families in our community provide their children with an affordable Christian education. Thank you. 

Parent-Teacher League (PTL)
Our parent organization meets several times during the school year to share information about our school and community and to plan student activities and fundraising events. Learn more about our meetings in our school newsletter.

Express Your School Spirit
Purchase school spirit wear for our Friday spirit days and show your support throughout the community. Order forms are available in the school office, or you can order your spirit wear online.

Scrip Gift Cards
Through the Raise Right program, Trinity Lutheran raises funds to improve our church and school facilities. All you do is purchase Scrip gift cards (you can do this for limited stores in the school office or register online to order and print gift cards from hundreds of different brands). Before ordering, you will need to register on the Raise Right platform. Our enrollment code is LE4CD2118LL2. After registering, you can add the Raise Right app to your phone and even shop online.

Amazon Smile
Place your Amazon orders using Smile, and we’ll receive a portion of the sales at no additional cost to you. (Just make sure we are your chosen charity.) Double the contribution by first purchasing Amazon gift cards through our Scrip program, and using them to pay for your purchases

King Soopers 
Register your King Soopers card to support charity. Add “Trinity Lutheran Church and School” and support Christian education every time you shop.

Cooks Night Out
This monthly fundraising event, in which local restaurants set aside one night to donate a portion of their proceeds to our school, supports our scholarship fund and other class projects. Watch our school newsletters for announcements, and plan your family’s eating out days to correspond with our restaurant nights. 

Scholastic Book Fairs/Clubs
We offer students regular book ordering opportunities through Scholastic. Every dollar you spend earns “points” for Trinity Lutheran to spend in the Scholastic shop, either on books or classroom materials. Watch for book flyers at the beginning of the month, or order books online any time. (Just make sure you input your child’s “teacher code” so our school gets credit.)

Thrivent Choice
Thrivent is a financial services organization. If you’re a member, you may qualify for Thrivent Choice, an internal program that distributes grant funding to churches and charities across the country. You can even apply for Action Team funding to support our school. Speak with our principal or early childhood director to learn more.