School Information

Trinity Lutheran School is a private, Christian school where all children can learn and grow. Our goal is to prepare students to live a productive life that is spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually pleasing to the Lord. This means living in faith as children of a Heavenly Father who has redeemed us by the blood of His son, Jesus Christ. 

Through the combined effort of home, church, and school, we strive to mold redeemed, God-loving, moral citizens who show respect for their Triune God, for their fellow man, and for their country.

What We Believe & Teach

We are a Christian school where we believe and teach what the Bible says. We lay a foundation for later school success by providing students with a stimulating and caring learning environment and curriculum that includes religion, memory work, reading, mathematics, social studies, science, English, spelling, handwriting, music, art, and physical education. We relate every subject taught to the child’s relationship with God and development of his/her Christian life by focusing on the spiritual, academic, emotional, social, and physical needs of the whole child.

In this school community we strive for:

  • friendliness; 
  • care for one another;
  • trust and respect for every person; 
  • service to others; and
  • service and witness for Christ. 

And as an extension of the ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church in Greeley and the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, we believe the following:

  • Mankind was created perfect and holy, with a free will, by a loving God (Genesis 1: 27-31, Genesis 2:16-17).
  • Sin entered that world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience and spread to all their offspring through the inheritance of a sinful human nature (Romans 5:15).
  • Only by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior can we receive forgiveness of sins as a gift from God (Romans 8:8-9).
  • As Spirit-filled Christians, we seek the total leadership of Jesus in every part of our lives. This is the “growing in grace” that Peter talked about, and what we expect of every person in our Christian school (2 Peter 3:18). 

Learn more about our curriculum on our individual school pages.

Partners in Education

Parents play an integral role in the education of their child. As a Christian school, we partner in that educational upbringing and offer many opportunities for parents to stay involved in their child’s school activities. But we also understand how busy life can be; that’s why we encourage parents to participate at the level that is both comfortable for them and that works with their schedule. From volunteering in the classroom or at a fundraiser to joining us at parent-teacher conferences, children thrive when parents support education.

Communication Expectations
We expect all families to be fully engaged members of our school, and this starts with communication. Our parent information bulletin board is located at the main entrance of our school. Please, check it often. Your child’s teacher may also post class-specific information at the classroom door.

Be sure to read our regular newsletters, posted on our website, and check your child’s backpack each week for notes from the teacher. You can also visit our school’s Facebook page and digital calendar for upcoming event information.

We invite you to learn more about our educational philosophy, attendance policies, lunch program, and chapel times in our student handbook. And if you have questions, feel free to email a teacher or call our front office during school hours.

Dress Code
All Trinity Lutheran School students in kindergarten through eighth grade must wear a school-approved uniform. Clothing should be appropriately sized to no more than one size larger than the student’s actual measurements. Extra long, baggy clothing is not acceptable. All tops must be a solid color polo-style shirt without visible logos. Approved bottoms include navy, tan, or black tailored pants, shorts, skirts, and jumpers. Please, no sweatshirts, jeans, or hats. Shoes must attach securely to the foot. No flip-flops, high-heels, or slippers. 

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